Classes for Adults, Kids and Pre-School

Whatever the goal, wherever you are in your fitness ability, Bearfoot Karate has something for you. We offer classes 6 days/week to offer flexibility and choice to fit in today’s busy lifestyle. Sign Up or Walk in for a Free Trial Class Today!

Karate programs are designed around age and experience (belt) level. Pre-school through Kids’ Karate are structured with three tiers of behavioral change curriculum,

1) Character Development, 2) Health, and 3) Personal Safely.

The curriculum is taught with a dual approach utilizing tools to develop good habits (daily tasks) and good self-discipline (character development card).

In Fitness Kickboxing, every workout is different, and never boring! Each class focuses on punching combinations, kicking combinations and mixes of cardio; all designed to tone and firm your arms, shoulders, legs and abs. The instructor lead circuit training design allows every individual to work each exercise at their own pace.

Group Yoga classes are offered Sunday evenings and individual sessions by appointment only. Take advantage of all the benefits a yoga practice instills – peace, stress-relief, flexibility and more. Planning for yoga workshops are under way where we’ll guide you in balancing postures and overall wellness strategies with nutrition and cleansing techniques.

Master Joe Hoglund Shows You How to Tie a Belt Properly.