How Kickboxing Can Transform Your Workout

If you’re interested in getting fit, healthy and trim, why not consider kickboxing? This exciting, fat-burning workout will literally keep you on your toes as your instructor leads you through a series of movements involving circuit training that change every week. Each movement increases fitness levels while building endurance and strength.

kickboxing classes

Kickboxing is a combination of fighting techniques involving Tae Kwon Do-style kicking with punches used in boxing. You are probably aware of how energetic both of these disciplines are in their own right, but when you combine them, the mix is lethal, offering a level of stamina and endurance that is unbeatable.

The more often you attend kickboxing classes, the more you will see the transformation of your body. You’ll also notice how much better you feel. Kickboxing is not only good for weight loss, but it’s also an excellent stress buster. So, why not try a class and see the results for yourself? Bearfoot Karate offers a free kickboxing class, so sign up for yours right away.

Enjoying the Results of Kickboxing Lessons

When you take your free trial, you will see exactly how kickboxing can assist you in getting fit and healthy. Even if you are already working out at the gym, this type of exercise will only enhance your fitness level, and the fact that kickboxing lessons involve different exercises each week means that you’ll never get bored.

Week by week, you’ll notice you have more energy and endurance, and that your muscles are getting progressively more toned. But that’s not all: The fun of a kickboxing class at full throttle is something you will want to experience time and again.

FitDay features an article on the benefits of kickboxing and how this extreme sport can transform your exercise regime. The article points out the importance of stretching and how kickboxing uses stretches to enhance the movements.

It also explains the basics of the sport including the fun of energetic kickboxing classes and what they involve. Punching during the workout is done using punching bags, and students are taught various punches and movements that tone their chest, shoulders and upper arms. These punching combinations are also done so quickly that it builds up one’s heart rate.

Kicking is a separate part of the class, and students learn three different kicks: one to the front, another to the side and the third type, which is also used in karate, called “roundhouse kicks.” These kicks, along with learning how to balance and to use the correct stance, all help tone the leg muscles.

Kickboxing also includes training the body’s core, which include the lower back and abdomen muscles. This helps strengthen the core so you can build stamina while you’re toning up.

The series of different exercises all combine into one of the best full-body workouts available. If you would like to try out this excellent sport, call Bearfoot Karate at (763) 219-1300, and sign up for a free kickboxing trial today!