Kids Karate

Kids Karate Classes

karate classes for kidsKarate is an incredibly easy activity to start that gives back a multitude of benefits in the physical, mental, and psychological arenas. Our Kids Karate program is perfect for kids aged 6-12. Kids have fun in a social environment building physical stamina, flexibility and coordination. Studying Tae Kwon Do also improves concentration, mental toughness and self-confidence. Bearfoot Karate’s three-tiered curriculum is built on the following:

1) Character Development, 2) Health and 3) Personal Safety.


Have a look at a Tae Kwon Do student practicing his form at Bearfoot Karate…

This foundation is taught with a dual approach of developing good habits and good self-discipline utilizing tools such as our Daily Tasks and Character Development Card. The Character Development Card’s purpose is to guide and encourage different behaviors such as volunteering, assisting with siblings and parents, and helping within the community. This Card is a requirement to progress through the belt-ranking system.

karate for kidsIf your child has special needs or limitations, please let us know. Our instructors have years of experience in tailoring a program specifically for the child.

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