Kickboxing Classes

kickboxing classes, kick boxingKickboxing Classes That Will Change Your Life

Taking Fitness Kickboxing classes from experienced Karate instructors make a world of difference! Learn proper kicking and punching technique while achieving total body conditioning and toning.

Max Cardio Fitness with Every Kickboxing Class

kickboxing classesCome prepared to burn calories and get in shape fast. We keep you moving throughout the whole class to turn your body into a fat-burning machine. We understand that every person is unique, and that everyone comes to us at a different fitness level. Our kick boxing class structure allows everyone to move at their own pace, while still providing a challenging workout.

cardio kickboxing classBearfoot Karate utilizes instructor lead circuit training that is changed up weekly. You will never get bored in this studio! Unlike the same old gym equipment, we’ll lead you with different punching and kicking combinations and challenge you to complete each section as hard as you can.

Notice a Difference in Your Energy Level and Body with Every Cardio Kickboxing Class!

As you keep coming to class you will quickly increase your fitness level and see your endurance and strength increase.

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