Why Krav Maga Has Become a Worldwide Phenomenon

In 2010, a new global trend started to take over the Western world, a form of self-defense designed by the Israelis called Krav Maga. Back then, there were already 500 U.S. law-enforcement agencies using Krav Maga training including the FBI.

This challenging yet thrilling exercise regime has now become a national trend, with more and more men and women finding out how beneficial it is. The activity not only helps participants develop self-defense skills, but it also offers one of the most effective workouts available.

The benefits of this fighting style are numerous. Krav America, a website that promotes this unique exercise form, explains that it’s a form of self-defense that was initially created for the Israeli Defense Force. The site describes this fighting style as a “highly refined modern-day survival system” that is “based on simple principles and instinctive, natural movements of the human body.”

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From the Military to Civilians

This fighting style can help people learn valuable self-defense lessons in a relatively short amount of time. For this reason, it’s been an effective addition to various police, military and security units around the world. As well, it’s practiced by many civilians throughout the United States and the rest of the world.

The activity does much more than offering participants an excellent form of personal protection; it teaches people how to act in times of severe stress, whether it’s a bomb explosion or something much closer to home. The act itself, which is not a martial art, does have similar benefits compared to martial arts in that it also strengthens the body and builds endurance. It is this fitness aspect that has made this fighting style such a popular form of exercise worldwide.

Training also instills a sense of self-worth in all who practice, and it teaches humility. These are vital when one is learning a form of self-defense as it ensures that participants use the skills attained during training only to protect and to avoid confrontation wherever possible.

Krav Maga translates to “close contact” in Hebrew. This fascinating activity and method of self-defense was created in the 1940s by a Slovakian by the name of Imi Lichtenfeld, who immigrated to Israel and taught his self-defense method to the country’s military unit. Today, the technique has slightly evolved, but its basic principles of simplified defense training remains the same.

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