Pre-School Karate Can Help Your Child Grow

It’s a known fact that the most important years of a child’s development are the pre-school years, especially when your child is between the ages of 4 and 6 years. This is the perfect time to teach young ones vital life skills, and the best way to do this is to introduce them to a form of martial arts—like karate.

Karate, specifically Tae Kwon Do, is a very popular type of self-defense. It’s a form of martial arts that involves a selection of kicks and punches made with sharp, quick movements.


This sport is beneficial to people of all ages, from pre-school onwards, through a child’s school years and right into adulthood. The karate discipline involves various levels of difficulty, which are marked by belts of different colors, starting with a white belt for beginners and finally reaching the pinnacle of achievement—the black belt.

Pre-school karate classes have specially formulated lessons for preschoolers. These classes are not only fun and exciting, but they also teach children how to focus and build their confidence. Students learn discipline, as well. If you wish, you can sign up your child for a free one-day trial with Bearfoot Karate to see if this type of exercise makes the right impression.

More Benefits of Karate Lessons

Karate for your child is also an excellent form of exercise. It will help your child learn how to cope when he or she goes to kindergarten and beyond.

Bearfoot Karate has specially formulated karate classes as part of the CUBS Program. These classes, which are aimed at kids aged 4 and 5 years, teach kids the basics of karate. This structured learning can be incredibly beneficial for students who are just about to enter grade school.

Karate is an excellent medium through which to learn teamwork, respect and self-respect, as well as self-control, how to listen, how to be assertive and how to focus. There is no better way to teach children than when they are having fun, which is why karate is so effective.

Karate for your child is an incredibly effective way to prepare them for kindergarten and to teach them how to socialize. Bearfoot Karate’s CUB Program is the perfect introduction to martial arts. The pre-school karate classes are designed to teach children how to listen in an informal environment while they are enjoying themselves. Kids are trained in basic self-defense in a relaxed, creative setting.

Introducing young children to martial arts is always an exciting time. They will meet kids their age and be exposed to new ways of thinking and socializing.

If you believe pre-school karate may be the perfect fit for your child, contact Bearfoot Karate at (763) 219-1300 today. You can sign your child up for a free trial to make sure he or she feels comfortable in the new setting.