Why Karate Classes Are Growing in Popularity for Adults

In the highly stressful, busy world we live in, we all need some form of relaxation. For many Americans, this comes in the form of an exercise regime that can help reduce anxiety levels and improve overall health. If you can have the added bonuses of increasing endurance, becoming stronger and gaining flexibility at the same time, then you know you’ve found a winning combination.

Karate lessons offer these benefits and more. It’s a form of martial arts that has been around for centuries.

Although karate is known to be a fighting style that incorporates self-defense lessons, it’s also an excellent exercise regime that increases cardiovascular health, assists in weight loss and improves concentration. If you’d like to try an excellent way to get fit and healthy, consider sign up for a free karate class now.

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We offer karate training specifically for adults. Our lessons are carefully structured and arranged according to the participant’s level of fitness and ability.

Karate training is designed to challenge you both mentally and physically, and the benefits of mastering this disciplined art are legendary. In addition to teaching responsibility and commitment, the lessons build strength, flexibility, coordination and focus. FitDay lists the benefits of regular karate lessons as:

  • Reducing stress
  • Assisting in weight loss
  • Increasing flexibility and muscle tone
  • Strengthening the body
  • Enhancing cardiovascular health and fitness
  • Teaching self-defense
  • Improving reflexes
  • As good for the mind as it is for the body.

Of course, regular exercise is the key. It’s no use attending one karate class per month. To receive optimum benefits, you have to attend karate training classes regularly and make karate a part of your lifestyle.

The camaraderie and social aspect of the art is just as important as the activities themselves. Participating in martial arts is so beneficial to the mind and body.  Active and regular attendance in karate classes will translate in to improvements in other areas of life.

It’s well known that exercising regularly increases the amount of endorphins released in the brain, which in turn makes you feel happier and enjoy every aspect of life.

The weight loss one experiences when regularly attending karate lessons is another attractive benefit. Of course, participants need to eat healthy, as well as exercise regularly, to see optimal results. Still, the amount of energy expended in the one-hour karate session will certainly assist you if you’re trying to lose weight—particularly if you participate consistently.

Toning your body while you are exercising is easy with karate, since you are constantly moving. When doing various kicks, punches and movements , you’re toning muscles without even realizing it. Karate classes offer full-body fitness, including greater flexibility and ease of movement. They will also put you on the road toward optimum fitness.

Bearfoot Karate offers an extensive range of class choices. We specialize in karate classes for both children and adults. The popularity of this excellent form of martial arts speaks for itself. Sign up for a free trial below or Call Bearfoot Karate to Schedule Your Free Session at (763) 219-1300.